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Letter to Kaicho from Marc Howes, Scotland

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Osu my Kaicho,
First, if I be so bold, please go not apologise for having a good heart and listening to those that you trusted. When an organisation grows as large as the IBK, it is almost impossible for a single person to understand ALL aspects of it. Therefore, you require the help and guidance of those that you place in positions of power and trust. I have working for many years in the social care industry, have post-graduate qualifications in Education, I am a trained counselor (crisis management and aggression management) and have done more courses on human behaviour than I can shake a stick at, AND I STILL FUCK UP WITH PEOPLE! That's why people are the biggest variable in any equation. 
But your 'gut' told you that something wasn't right, it was those many years of dealing with people that made your 'inner radar' light up. As you said, it is impossible NOT to make mistakes. But during these difficult times, take heart from those of us that will NEVER leave you, that value you as our Kaicho, our mentor and as a remarkable human being. We all feel that you should not be having to deal with this at nearly 80 and I know, without speaking to these other men, that it breaks our hearts that it is happening. But we will emerge from this stronger and with a greater sense of purpose. We will adapt and overcome! OSU!
In Budo,
Your friend and student,
Marc Howes - Daishihan Scotland

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