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Just a quick note of thanks again for taking some time out of your vacation to honor us with your experience and skill. The lads are keen on keeping that momentum going; two have already shown an interest in training hard for grading later in the year. We are already discussing options for competitions.
Please let me know how much I owe you for the books, badges, etc. and I will remit the funds to you immediately (please give me the account details again, as I have misplaced them).
As far as my own grading goes, please also let me know when/if that is approved and let me know the fee so that I can remit those funds as well.

It was a great honor for all of us and a great personal highpoint of my martial arts career to finally meet and train with you. We will work hard to introduce the All Round Fighting concept to Singapore, the Philippines and beyond. I look forward to our continued correspondence and cooperation.

Please pass on my warmest regards to Albertine; I hope that your vacation was enjoyable and the trip not too Bryson


stage_singaporeKaicho celebrated his 77 birthday in Singapore on invitation als of the Dai Shihan in Singapore Bryson Keenen Hanshi for a seminar.

Black Belts Jon Bluming
Black belts of Singapore Dojo of Bryson Keenan 8th Dan Bryson left of Kaicho

Park Of Singapore Jon Bluming
The most beautifull birds park in the world in Singapore

The Grand Temple Jon Bluming
The grand TEMPLE of the Chinese with a celebration for the Chinees New Year that of the tiger.

Singapore White Tiger
The most beautifull Zoo in the world is in my opinion in Singapore with three white tigers.

Bryson Keenan Hanshi.

Bryson is a example of the 22 years in the Australion army as commando and intelligents office.

Action during his tour of duty in East Timor and years later 6 months in Iraq as securety for the truck moevements throughout Iraq .

He is in Budo since his youth and trained under diverse Sensei but his real study was and still is under the REAL masters in Okinawa .

He was to long undergraduated part of his own fault for he did nor really care or ask for higher grades .
I watched him and gave him after 40 years of study Budo several disciplines like Judo and Jiu Jitsu ect .after contact with the supreme council of the IBK under Kancho Henk Kuipers 8th dan .finally his 8th dan and well deserved .

Congratulations and welcome to the Hanshi club of the IBK.

Osu, Kaicho.

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Stage Singapore

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