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Earlier times

A few years back Matulessy Shihan and I went to visit Kurosaki Sensei 10th Dan.
The foto,s where lost but we found them again so here they are.
Meeting with Sensei at his HQ in Tokyo.
Signing IBK certificates for DAN.
Pissed off, Hell NO had a good time with Sensei.
Toshio Fujiwara the famous WC Kickboxing of the Kurosaki Dojo Richt Robert Matulessy 7th dan partying in Tokyo.


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Aan alle trouwe volgers van Kaicho Jon Bluming’s officiële I

To all loyal followers of Kaicho Jon Bluming’s official Inte

To all loyal followers of Kaicho Jon Bluming’s official Inte

Kaicho Jon Bluming died yesterday evening

This is my wish that the IBK will stay as one global organis

All Kyokushin Karate worldtournament world games of world or

Jon Bluming promoveert de Karateka’s Jan de Bruin en Bert Ru

All Kyokushin Karate World Tournament for Children

Chris Dolman now officially 10th dan All Round Fighting

Chris Dolman 10th Dan Kyokushin Budokai All Round Fighting

Nomination to Kancho IBK for Kyokushin Hanshi Jan de Bruin

Kyokushin Budokai grading system

Kaicho recognized with the 10th Dan Hapkido

Earlier times

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