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Message from Marc Howes

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Osu everyone!
This is how I feel about this.
People throw the word 'Budo' around like it is the latest designer toy, it is not. For us it is the guiding principle in our lives and in this confusing world it is something that shines and lights our martial path. It gives us a tool to work with others and something we can reflect back on our own behaviour. And it is simple and not complex. Chief amongst its attributes is loyalty; loyalty to the IBK, loyalty to Kyokushin Budokai and most importantly loyalty to our Kaicho. This loyalty is not bound by money or fame, but our love and respect for Kaicho. We are all aware of how hurt Kaicho was when Mr. Kuipers decided to leave, although the terrible emails, thefts and rude comments must have hurt Kaicho more. Therefore, anyone who has a gram of intelligence knows that we do not associate with Mr. Kuipers, his association or members. This is a simple understanding that we all know. Budo gives us the wonderful freedom of seeing things in black and white, not politically correct shades of gray. I feel that if you wish to train with Mr. Kuipers, then please, draw upon your budo and inform us and leave the IBK.
That's all I have to say on the matter.
In Budo,
Marc Hanshi - Dai Shihan UK

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