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Nomination to Kancho IBK for Kyokushin Hanshi Jan de Bruin

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Nomination to IBK Kancho for Kyokushin Full Contact Karate Hanshi Jan de Bruin.

This afternoon, Jan de Bruin Hanshi was nominated by Kaicho Jon Bluming as Kancho for the Kyokushin Full Contact Karate division of the International Budo Kaikan.

This is a great honor for Jan de Bruin Hanshi, finally Hanshi Jan, is the only student who still works with Kaicho Bluming on technical and organizational matters!

Along with Chris Dolman, 9th Dan, they exercise a couple of times a month on the tatami to work on all Kihon, Kata and Kumite, to bring the technology to a higher level.

The nomination is personally approved by Kenji Kurosaki, 10th Dan Honorary President International Budo Kaikan, Kaicho Jon Bluming 10th Dan and advisors of Kaicho in cluding Chris Dolman Hanshi, 9th Dan, only for Kyokushin!

From now on, Jan de Bruin Kancho is responsible for this division within the IBK, along with Kaicho Bluming.

Kancho Jan de Bruin, congratulations on this special nomination!


Bert Ruhe, Shihan

7th Dan Kyokushin Budokai