RetZef has been around for 15 years

Kida / Osu,

RetZef has been around for 15 years! Something we are particularly proud of.
Timo Hennekes, the RetZef chief instructor, is delighted and happy to have achieved thisTimo hopes that Krav Maga will further develop into a popular activity within his organization. He came into contact with it 20 years ago.

"And on September 14 it has been 15 years since RetZef was founded. Let's not let it go unnoticed. What is the appeal of Krav Maga? I'm working on it day and night. When I discovered it, it felt like I I finally encountered the missing link in my life, I did a wide variety of martial arts, but Krav Maga is all-over. It is a system that cannot be compared to just any other sport.

Timo also mentions that he did not do it alone, his wife has a clear hand in the way things are going and that is just fine, he says, the instructors are always fully committed.
everyone is welcome student, instructor it doesn't matter.State event if you also come?

Big Hug to you all,

Timo Hennekes RDG 4e dan Krav Maga, 5e dan Budokai allround IBK